Are there deer resistant plants? Yes. I work with a list of plants both deciduous & evergreen which I use in areas where deer are a problem.

    Do we do xeriscaping? Yes. This usually involves substantially reducing or eliminating lawn grass from a landscape & substituting trees, shrubs & flowers which require less water along with some kind of cover such as mulch or decorative rock. It should be remembered that lawns act as an air conditioner in a landscape, significantly cooling a yard.

    Do we construct walls & borders? Yes. We do these in both rock and block for slope retention and/or appearance.

      2011 © Earth Effects Vernon Landscaping - Providing expert landscape design for over 19 years. EFX specializes in General work, Rock Walls, Water Features, and more. Our crew is equipped to handle all types of projects, as you can see in our 4 galleries above. See our Profile for more information or Contact us directly.

      EARTH effects is locally owned and operated by Bob Fleming. Bob is a UBC graduate with a B.Sc. in Agriculture and a specialty in Plant Science. He has worked as a professional landscaper for the past 20 years.

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